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Question What is the history of Insomniak?
AnswerInsomniak was founded in Atlanta back in 2017. It had started as a clothing brand with a small let’s say ‘trial campaign’ which proved successful as it had made profit in 2 weeks along with a small following. Insomniak took a hiatus for a while until now everything is being rebooted stage by stage along with a performance division.
Question What does 'shipping will email' mean?
AnswerIt means we will contact you via email to confirm your order and for shipment invoice for you to pay before your order is shipped out, we do this as most of our parts may require freight shipping.
Question What do you sell?
AnswerWe are partnered with hundreds of brands and have over 60,000 products to offer, we sell wheels, tires, seats, accessories, performance parts, anything you need for your car. Only a small amount of our products are on our online site. Just contact us with an inquiry through email or Instagram and we will help you find your parts!